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Topiramate is a generic name for Topamax which is used for treating epilepsy. Epilepsy is a chronic disease that often tends to cause seizures in an individual. It is also believed to cause other neurological disorders. Epilepsy affects human brain which produces several reactions and causes seizures in the various body parts. Due to this, temporary confusions may arise, a person may start stammering, the body may start to tremor and a person can also become unconscious. Topiramate is an anticonvulsant which might also be used to treat severe headaches caused due to migraine. It helps by suppressing chemicals responsible for the inception of seizers in the body.

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Usage of Topiramate pills:

It is advisable to use the medicine on doctor’s consultation only. One should follow all the advisory instruction givens by the doctor before using the medicine.

  • There shall be a medication guide in the pack, read the instructions given in that very carefully and do follow them.
  • Intake of fluids should be increased while on this medication. This may help reduce the risks of stone formation.
  • It should be orally swallowed before or after having meals.
  • The tablet should be taken whole without breaking or crushing it into powder.

If you wish to stop the medicine, do not just stop it immediately. Take your doctor’s advice for the same..

Topiramate Action Mechanism:

The exact working mechanism of Topiramate is not precisely known, however several studies show that blocks the sodium channels in the brain and thus reduces the activity of neurotransmitter called gamma- amino butyrate at some points of GABA-A receptor, neutralizes the AMPA which is the subtype of glutamate receptor and blocks the activity of isozymes II and IV. This will finally inhibit the seizures or the migraine.

Precautionary Advice while using Topiramate:

Consult your doctor if you have following medical conditions, before taking the medicine:

  • Pregnant ladies or women who are planning a family.
  • Breast feeding ladies.
  • Already consuming some other medicines or supplementary medicine.
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredient of this pills.
  • People addicted to alcohol or alcoholic beverages.
  • Any symptoms of lung or breathing problems.
  • If you suffer from Glaucoma or any other ophthalmic disorders.
  • Taking aspirin or any other anti-coagulants along with this tablet may higher the risk of bleeding.
  • Patients having complaints regarding higher mood fluctuations.
  • Patients undergoing kidney dialysis.

Possible Side effects of Topiramate pills:

It is a sensitive drug which should be taken carefully by following all the given guidelines and instructions by your doctor to avoid the sensitivity of its side effects.

  • Severe skin allergies or rashes on few body parts.
  • It may also cause redness or swelling of tongue, face and mouth.
  • It might increase the anxiety and confusion in the patients who already face various mood swings.
  • The people also face severe depressions and feel like harming oneself in extreme cases.
  • One may even experience blood in vomiting, cough or stool.
  • There might be risk of high fever or chills in the body.
  • The person also might faint or become unconscious.
  • Females might experience drastic changes in their menstrual cycle which may result in major shifting of dates every now and then.

There might be instances of mood-sings, irregularity in behavior, and confusion of taking decisions also.

Dosage and Storage of Topiramate:

  • Do not take the medicine with alcohol. Topiramate is said to cause certain effects of dizziness and vertigo kind of an effect, which may become worst if one consumes it with alcohol.
  • Dosages may not be changed or stopped without doctor’s consultation. This might cause intensified seizures.
  • It is bound to cause metabolic acidosis i.e. rise in the levels of blood acids. This may be responsible for low growth in kids. It also gradually results into osteoporosis as well as renal disorders.
  • It might cause rise in body temperature in children, resulting due to decrease in perspiration.
  • Consult a doctor if there is random increase in the breathing, tiredness or there is a prominent feeling of restlessness in the body.
  • Children, pregnant ladies and breast-feeding mothers might be hyper-sensitive towards the medicine. Hence, they should COMPULSARILY take the medicine under doctor’s surveillance.
  • It is believed to cause genetic defects in your fetus if you consume it during pregnancy.
  • Birth pills or contraceptive pills may lose its action mechanism if you take it along with this medication. One should opt for barrier method of contraception for avoiding any unnecessary pregnancy.

If you witness any complains as to having blurred vision or darkness in sight, consult your doctor right away as this might be as serious as losing your vision.

User Review for this medication:

Review: My struggle of dealing up with my tremoring body started since I was 15 years old! Not knowing for various years as what was that my body was facing, I still remember my drawing teacher had punished me when for the very first time my fingers started tingling and due to which the color bottle fell on a boy’s drawing paper, who was sitting just beside me. It had happened due to some disorder in me but no one was ready to believe my words and I stood out for the whole class. My friends started getting afraid of me, as my body organs used to face tremor anywhere and anytime, resulting in me having no friends in school. I never shared this problem with my parents. One fine day, I witnessed “fit” during writing an important examination. At that time I along with my father were sent to a nearby hospital. After, undergoing various clinical tests, doctor informed my dad that I was suffering from a disorder called Epilepsy. He prescribed me topiramate tablet and advised me to swallow it every day without missing upon any dosage. Here my life took a turn. Even after two weeks I have not faced any tremor or tingle in any of my body parts. I do not face any stammering of my tongue and my speech has become clearer. In fact, I have registered my name for elocution competition of our high school also. Yes, in the initial week I faced minor side effects like feeling nausea, tic and little giddiness but now there is not even such complains after the consumption. I feel confident now, in shaking my hands with people around, speaking with them and making new friends. It not only boosted up my confidence but also helped me excel in my academic career in spite of being an Epilepsy patient. People no more find other benches to sit in the class and do not mind sharing the same bench as mine. I am thankful to the doctor who prescribed me such a potent drug which has made a drastic change in my life and returned me my friends back!



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