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Stanozolol has been the preferred steroid for cutting cycles for some time now and by the look of things that is not going to change for some times to come. Winstrol is the name and the anabolic steroid that is being used by many body builders for bulking cycles in limited doses and for maximum output. The ability to increase free testosterone levels by lowering the SHBG at even smaller doses sets it apart from other steroids.

Despite the anabolic ratio of this steroid being high, there are no major weight gain reports by users. Its relatively weaker AR binding capacity that is quite surprising for a steroid that is considered apt for cutting is also a unique facet of this drug. The compound has its origin in DHT and that provides a smoother look to the muscles due to hardly any water retention. Taking this along with other ancillaries like Tamoxifen might be more appropriate due to the positive effects on good cholesterol.

Winstrol may not be as versatile as a testosterone or trenbolone but does serve the two purposes of users sufficiently. One is it boosts athletic performance and for body builders, it acts as the perfect cutting agent for body builders or those very active at the gym. Performance enhancement is a definite plus with this steroid.

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Benefits of winstrol steroid:

Athletes into the competitive phase of their career have reported great experiences with this steroid. The drug boosts strength, endurance and improves the functioning of the athlete such that he or she is able to exhibit greater power physically. The drug does not make the athlete put on a lot of mass and therefore cannot be immediately noticed. In races where speed is the only criterion, this steroid turns out to the best choice and readers will remember the performance of Ben Johnson in the 1988 Olympics where he made even somebody like Carl Lewis look very ordinary.

For body builders, it serves best when the builder is trying to do his best by cutting during the competition phase. The steroid helps in displaying a physique that is good to look at through the hardening of muscles. The body builder though does not look bulky and appears lean, which is very often what many builders want to project. The drug works best when the body fat percentage is in single digits. Here the look is more vascular and helps the person to gain further strength even as he is dieting and not taking in many calories. It is therefore considered by many body builders to be the perfect steroid for cutting.

Action Mechanism of winstrol steroid:

Winstrol steroid acts by bringing down the SHBG levels which in turn boosts the levels of free testosterone. This provides the endurance, strength to the athlete and when combined with other steroids, the bulking as desired by the body builder.

Precautions to be take while using winstrol steroid:

X ray examinations of the bones should be taken before and during the intake in order to check bone maturation levels. Winstrol can decrease HDL and therefore it is advisable to monitor lipid profile prior to and during the intake so that you can stop if the levels plummet drastically. High triglyceride levels can be dangerous to the heart. The levels of hemoglobin as well as hematocrit need monitoring. Similarly, since anabolic steroids may boost sensitivity to many of the anticoagulants, you need to bring down the dosage to maintain the right prothrombin levels.

Winstrol Side Effects:

Stanozolol has been modified to ensure it passes through the liver without it getting destroyed in any fashion, making it a 17AA substance. It is also orally active but at the same time toxic to the liver. People taking it have to be aware of this fact and should not indiscriminately take this just because it is available in pills form.

The side effects also manifest in the form of higher LDL or the bad cholesterol levels and lower HDL or the good cholesterol. If usage is not restricted to the 6 weeks prescribed, there can be issues though some people have even run it for 3 months without problems.

People have reported a feeling of dryness and less lubrication within their body joints. Experts put it down to the “reverse osmosis” effect. Some have reported lack of tendon strength due to this loss of lubrication. A couple of medical reports have even said the opposite and that it actually strengthens tendons though in a fashion that may not be considered appropriate. This is one of the reasons they do not recommend athletes who participate in sports that are high-impact to keep away from winstrol steroid.

Since the drug passes through the liver, considered to be the “engine” of the body, there is bound to be some stress on this organ as well, though not by much. Women are able to tolerate the drug more effectively due to its anabolic nature as opposed to androgenic seen in other steroids. But the key is to remain within limits and not inject more than recommended.

Winstrol and test cycle reports indicate it is very effective even in the off-season period. This is the period when athletes do not take part in their chosen activities and prefer to bulk up. The fact that it lowers the SHBG levels so nicely makes this drug a preferred one as the athletes are able to consolidate the gains they made during the season and do not lose out on any of the benefits just because they are no longer active. Combining stanozolol with other drugs is the key for optimizing benefits from winstrol steroid.

Winstrol steroid Dosages:

The recommended dosages for men for bulking and cutting are not very different. During cutting, the dosage of 50mg every day for a period of 6-8 weeks is good and should not differ from individual to individual. Similarly, when bulking too, this dosage is considered optimum especially towards the tail end. There are body builders who even have taken 100mg per day but that is only for shorter spurts such as two weeks before a major competition.

Athletes need not take that much and should stay with 20-25mg per day. The effects on the physique may not be so profound but taking this dosage over a 5-6 week period is more than sufficient to meet the requirements of athletes.

Women can stick to 10mg per day as the ideal dosage as increasing it to even 20mg may expose them to virilization issues.



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