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Following a major surgery or a bout of chronic infection, you would want to come back to normalcy at the earliest. Your body has been through a trauma and the effects of the surgery coupled with medication have taken a huge toll on both mind and body. At this time you need a steroid that will help you gain weight and put a stop to the muscle loss that is bound to happen with medication that has been pumped into you. Corticosteroids and other medicines can reduce bone mineral density and sap your muscles. You feel weak and take every step with caution not only because you are recovering but are also unsure of whether you would be able to stand your own body weight, however light it may have become.

Trenabol steroid is one such anabolic steroid that will help you achieve your objective. It is a Class I steroid and unaffected by any aromatase or alpha-reductase which enables it to remain free of untoward metabolic activity. It is also able to bind very well with androgen receptors and has a much shorter half-life.

Trenabol is also known as trenbolone acetate. It can be injected and due to its super active effect on protein metabolism, the synthesis of proteins along with appropriate nitrogen balance is carried out efficiently within the body. This makes you hungrier and your desire to eat food increases promoting a healthy appetite in the days to come. Very often we find people recovering from surgery finding it difficult to eat food due to taste issues and general feeling of despondency. Trenabol or tri-trenabol stimulates appetite and through its superior action reduces the fat deposits in the body making you leaner but more muscular.

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Benefits of using trenbolone:

Trenbolone is rather similar to Nandrolone where the altered testosterone molecule at the 19th position has been modified to produce a new compound. However, the similarities end there. Unlike nandrolone, trenbolone provides benefits of bigger mass, addition of muscle fiber and very little retention of water. The muscle building score has been tabulated at 500, which means it is 5 times better than testosterone which has a score of only 100 when it comes to mass building capacity.

Action Mechanism of trenbolone steroid:

The question we should raise is what makes this steroid so anabolic due to which the tremendous benefits are possible. Well, first of all, the steroid vastly boosts the IGF-1 hormone within the muscle tissues and due to this many satellite cells are born that quickly repairs any damaged muscle. The DNA content in each of the muscle cells are also increased manifold. Trenbolone has a fantastic binding affinity as well for the androgen receptor as compared to testosterone. This binding defines the extent of androgen receptor activation and through it the growth of muscles. Such a tight bind also means there is good fat loss with hardly any water retention.

Trenabol also increases the retention of nitrogen within muscle tissues. The parameter of nitrogen retention defines how anabolic a steroid is and in this regard, trenabol stands out. It also inhibits the action of cortisol, which has muscle destroying attributes by virtue of its ability to bind with receptors of anti-anabolic glucocortocoid hormones.

Trenabol steroid has already been tested on animals where it improved feed efficiency and the absorption of minerals. This means that you can get more meat with lesser food inputs to the animals and those that were administered trenabol gained more weight quickly without any change in their diet pattern. This means, human beings too can eat less but yet build lean muscle due to better vitamin and mineral absorption made possible by trenabol steroid. Examples of whey protein as well as HMB are in front of us to know this is possible. They were initially introduced in the livestock before humans started consuming them.

Trenabol steroid is great as a fat loss agent. This happens because of the nutrient partitioning where the binding of the androgen to the receptors creates fat burning of adipose tissues. It also works by increasing red blood cells along with boosting glycogen replenishment

Precautions before using trenbolone steroid:

Since the side effects of this steroid can be quite debilitating at times, it is better to start with smaller trenbolone acetate doses to see if the body system is accepting the dosage. You may then start taking the larger trenbolone enanthate dosages and continue with it based on your ability to deal with the side effects. However, certain precautions are mandatory in that you cannot take trenabol if you are allergic, are pregnant, have serious heart, liver or kidney issues.

You have to take guidance from your doctor and apprise him of any prescription drugs you may already be taking. Warfarin, insulin and other blood thinners can make matters worse if you take them with trenabol as this steroid also thins blood. Even supplements that you may be taking have to be reported. Conditions like sleep apnea, high triglyceride levels too have to be discussed with your doctor before starting with trenabol steroid.

Side effects of trenbolone enanthate:

The changes are seen depending on the dosages taken. Higher dosages create some mental disturbances and the individual gets prone to exhibiting aggressive behavior. This can be beneficial during competitions where this aggression finds expression in performance through better power and speed but can be dangerous during other times.

Trenabol as a steroid causes androgenic side effects such as balding, enlargement of the prostate, acne and oily skin. It can also lead to some bloating and breast development in males due to the progestin that binds itself to the progesterone, the female sex hormone. Males may also have testicular atrophy and that is why it is recommended to use HCG alongside trenabol. Users must also monitor cholesterol levels along with kidney and liver function parameters.

They can also have excessive sweating at night with loss of libido. Trenabol steroid cannot increase endurance levels and therefore athletes who need it for running long distances have to be careful about taking it.

Dosages of trenbolone:

An ideal trenabol cycle is the one that you can combine with testosterone. That is because trenabol steroid can suppress testosterone production and you need the latter for any benefits to accrue to the body. The suggested dosage is 50mg every alternate day for 8 weeks. You may increase to 75mg and 12 weeks if need be, but that is recommended only after you have got acclimatized to the drug.

On an advanced level, a dosage of 100mg initially on alternate days before taking it daily can be taken but only when you are close to a competition. Off season dosage can be at 100mg every alternate day along with testosterone.



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