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Despite it being a relatively weaker steroid as compared to its earlier Masteron version due to its low anabolic to androgenic ratio, primobolan is very popular. You will get more ester than masteron from primobolan enanthate but may have to run it for a much longer period of close to 3 months for the full effects to show. The dosage is pretty low at just 400mg and that means it is very affordable. May be that explains its rising popularity especially among those just starting out trying a steroid. However you need to take more of it for noticeable results and that may push up the cost.

This is not to say that primobolan dosage is not fancied by professional body builders. Many swear by it as a pre-contest routine and would not want to get into any diet plan without buying it from the nearest primobolan depot they can find. Overall, there does not appear to be many differences observed by those who had been taking masteron earlier and have shifted to primobolan now.

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Benefits of using Primobolan enanthate:

Firstly, this steroid enables the user to get more muscle mass along with strength. The steroid shows a high affinity for easy binding to the androgen receptors. This has been found to be even better than that of testosterone. In doing so, it is able to burn fat efficiently and equips the user with a lean fat free body but with good muscle mass. This is the preferred look for most body builders and first time users.

The steroid has also been found effective in reducing tumors of the breast on its own and without any need to take ancillary medicines. It shows very less propensity or inclination to aromatize and therefore the user does not have to worry about estrogen levels getting built up in the system. The side effects of estrogen are known too well to body builders and readers of steroid behavior. Acne breakout, retention of water and other gynecological issues are absent. When you combine absence of water retention along with the benefits of fat burning induced by this drug, you can appreciate the final outcome it can deliver to the user. Having said the above, hair loss though cannot be ruled out and males would have to deal with it.

Primobolan is not considered to be a good bulking agent as compared to a steroid like Anadriol but its ability to enhance immunity has been recognized by many specialists working closely with AIDs patients. The US FDA though does not consider this to be sufficient enough to allow open sale of primobolan.

Action Mechanism of Primobolan enanthate:

This drug can be consumed orally as well and the good news is that it is very mild on the liver. It will not make the user hepatoxic. That is due to the alkylation method which has been used to make it orally acceptable to the human body. The ester has an active life of 3 days and that is enough for the liver to damage the oral Primobolan and prevent it from becoming dangerous in any fashion.

Like many of the steroids, this one too is suppressive. There are some rumors floating about it being safe such that there is no need for any PCT or post cycle therapy but they have to be ignored. Many studies have revealed that glycoprotein hormones which are accountable for both LSH and FSH get reduced by close to 70% upon consuming even a small dose of this steroid.

Precautions needs to be taken before using Primobolan enanthate:

If you are hypersensitive to medicines, you have to be careful before taking this steroid. Once you start taking the steroid, you may get hives, itching and some face swelling. It is advisable to stop consumption then. Children should be kept away from this and elderly folks too should not take it by mistake. Diabetic patients should not consume primobolan enanthate and young people but with high lipid profile of triglycerides should also not take it. Women who are pregnant or lactating should stay away as well.

The steroid is available without the need for prescription. This can make it addictive for users and they need to guard against that. It is preferred that only males who are recovering from a trauma, chronic infection or surgery consume this steroid. Consulting with the doctor prior to taking this steroid and explaining the medical history is advisable.

Side effects of Primobolan enanthate:

It is an anabolic steroid and therefore hair loss is pretty common in males. While women may not experience any of the typical female related problems that they do with other steroids, they should not exceed dosage by any chance. The common ones observed are acne breakout, increased erection frequency in men, enlargement of the clitoris in women, nausea with vomiting, some swelling of the feet along with bone pain. Men may observe that their penis is larger than before as well when taking this drug.

Users have to be clear that they should not look at this steroid as a bulk enhancing one and should not over consume to see the results they seek

Dosages of Primobolan enanthate:

Primobolan enanthate is one of those rare steroids that are available in both oral and injection form. Primobolan as mentioned above needs to be taken in high doses to get the desired results. For men, the recommended dosage is 600-800mg every week or even higher if they are injecting it. Orally, it should be around 75-100 mg per day.

Women need to only take it orally and 10mg is considered sufficient. They should not exceed the 20mg mark as otherwise they would lost out on the benefits and experience undesirable side effects.



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