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Delatestryl, also known as testosterone enanthate came into being when the parent hormone got linked to the enanthate ester so that the release into the individual’s bloodstream gets delayed and happens over some days. Testosterone was synthesized way back in 1935 and after that a variety of esters including that of enanthate have been linked to this hormone.

Testosterone enanthate remains a very popular variant of testosterone that is being prescribed in all parts of the world except in the US where the testosterone cypionate dosage is recommended.

Testosterone enanthate with is release time of a week to 10 days, requires injection only once every 3 weeks and that is one great advantage. Some users though do inject it twice in a week. The effects of testosterone especially its androgenic and anabolic are directly proportional to the dosage administered and higher the dosage, better the results.

This was borne out in a study conducted where a dosage of 600mg got the individual better results as compared to somebody else who took a lower one. More fat was lost and lean muscle as well as mass was gained by the person who took the higher dosage of 600mg/week. However, it came with a lowering of HDL and a breakout of acne.

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Benefits of testosterone enanthate:

Testosterone induces non-genomic as well as genomic effects within the body. This automatically means that though the androgen receptor mediates many of the effects along with gene transcription, some of the effects occur even without stimulation. The hormone boosts health, vitality and increases libido. It promotes the loss of fat and preserves lean mass as well as prevents bone loss.

Water retention too is hardly present and that is one of the unique selling points of this hormone.

Testosterone cypionate is available at cheap rates in the black market and that is the reason it is in much higher demand in the US. People have found that using 500-1000mg of testosterone enanthate gives them the muscles they require. Only professional bodybuilders need more than the recommended upper limit of 750mg.

Users have found increase in muscle strength, endurance and have found they are able to maintain a lean structure.

Action Mechanism of testosterone enanthate:

The binding of testosterone happens to the androgenic receptors of the fat cells. Fat tissue is thus broken down easily and it also prevents new fat from forming. The adipose tissue break down is maintained even if the effects are not always receptor mediated and that is the single most feature of delatestryl.

When undergoing the testosterone enanthate cycle, you as the user will find that the food you take is directed to the muscle tissues quickly and not to the fat cells. This enables you to maintain your body weight with only muscle and hardly any fat or water retention. This act of nutrient portioning promotes the synthesis of glycogen as well. Food as a nutrient is thus used more effectively and without causing calorie addition to the body, helping the user to remain active and perform with vitality.

Precautions to be taken before using testosterone enanthate:

Users with a history of myocardial infarction and other heart related ailments should use this hormone with caution. Determination of serum cholesterol should be carried out regularly. Women in particular need to be observed for virilization signs such as acne, voice deepening, hirsutism, menstrual irregularities before being advised to take this hormone. They should be willing to stop it as soon as any of the above signs manifest. The above signs occur when androgen is consumed in high doses usually and even though supplementary estrogen may be consumed, it cannot compensate or stop such virilization that may become irreversible if the consumption of the hormone is not stopped.

Males in their adolescent stage and trying to take the hormone in order to solve delayed puberty need to check the development of their bones regularly. They may experience frequent and hard erections that can be painful.

Testosterone enanthate side effects:

The side effects comprise of elevated estrogen levels that lead to gynecomastia in females at high dosages. Males experience loss of hair, higher cholesterol levels namely of LDL and they tend to lose out on the good cholesterol, HDL. Hair growth on the body, oily skin and acne are other common side effects. The blood pressure may go up though much lesser than with other steroids and the control of such side effects can be possible only with the intake of certain supplements. Those men who are already predisposed to hair loss need to opt for steroids that are less androgenic. The levels of testosterone come back to normal in about 4 months time if no post-cycle therapy has been undergone.

Women may begin to see deepness in voice, facial growth and menstrual irregularities. They may also notice their clitoris getting bigger. This is when they should stop the hormone and they should do it by doing a step down process once they are through with a cycle so that the effects of stopping the hormone completely and suddenly are not felt so seriously.

Common side effects are nausea, swelling in the ankles and some change in skin color.

Dosages of testosterone enanthate:

Testosterone enanthate is similar to the testosterone cypionate version and the dosage for both that has been recommended is 200-500mg/ml just once a week for 8-12 weeks. Body builders may take in more of this dosage and more frequently but for the normal user, this dosage should be sufficient. Women are advised to stay away from this steroid due to the various side effects mentioned above.

Delatestryl is not as widely available in the US as it is in other parts of the world and therefore users must not buy other versions without confirming the authencity.



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