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Boldenone has been used for a long time as one of the growth inducing drugs in cattle feed. The intention was to boost meat production as this steroid enabled faster growth in cattle when fed to them. Ideally this is a steroid to be used for animals but humans too have been making use of it in the form of boldenone undecylenate and as boldenone prohormone. The chemical properties of boldenone undecylenate suggest it to be a liquid when placed in room temperature. Hence it is normally injected and not many prefer to take it orally.

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Benefits of boldenone undecylenate (boldenone prohormone):

There have been conflicting reports about the efficiency of boldenone as a body building steroid or as an appetite building one. Some consider it to be quite weak when it comes to body building and say it is better used as the appetite enhancer. That was the main reason for its use in the cattle industry. The cattle which fed on feed that had boldenone ate much more and provided more meat to the industry.

But bodybuilders over the years have been using it for both appetite enhancements as well as for body building. They have been using it with other steroids to give them the dual benefits and have been taking a dose of 800-1000mg every week to get the best results. They are thus able to inject this hormone at room temperature without much pain either making it a convenient option.

Bodybuilders wanting to expand their chest or biceps especially when preparing for competitions have found this to be useful. It is a steroid that is anabolic and helps in increasing body bulk or building mass that is so crucial for such competitions. There are different trade names for boldenone prohormone such as Ganabol, Ultragan and Equigan. The other benefit of this hormone is its ability to not cause water retention. Vascularity is therefore improved significantly and the gain in strength is admirable.

Those wanting to have a lean build can also use testosterone boldenone. In fact this hormone can be used in both ways – to build mass and also to remain lean. Combining it with other androgenic steroids will help you gain vital body mass and taking it alone will help you remain lean but muscular. The choice is always present. Women can have it without fears as the conversion rate to estrogen by this hormone is pretty slow. Therefore no estrogenic side effects are experienced by women athletes and body builders.

Action Mechanism of boldenone undecylenate (boldenone prohormone):

boldenone undecylenate by virtue of being an anabolic steroid increases the synthesis of proteins within the body and that helps the person to gain muscle mass as well as bulk over time. It also releases EPO or Erythropoietin that enables the person to breathe in more oxygen and athletes and body builders thus are able to endure more when doing their work outs. When this is done in the right dosage and for the right period, the individual is able to achieve endurance, muscle mass and body bulk as well.

Precautions before using boldenone undecylenate (boldenone prohormone):

The main precaution is to use common sense while taking this hormone. You should not over dose and not keep taking it for a long period of time. If you notice side effects that are severe, you should stop immediately.

Side Effects of boldenone undecylenate (boldenone prohormone):

There are some risks. The hormone has the ability to quickly increase the count of red blood cells. Though this is often a feature of anabolic steroids that is well known, the intensity is greater with this one. Similarly an increase in appetite too may not always be welcome. Other problems faced by users have been the formation of acne, development of oily skin, suppression of endogenous testosterone that may lead to sexual dysfunction. There can be growth of body hair as well. Voice may get altered and at times there can also be hair loss. It is therefore better to not take this hormone by itself but combine with something else.

As long as you are within the dosage prescribed, the side effects are minimal and women in particular need not worry about gynecomastia. Women may experience altered libido and notice enlarged clitoris along with a change in their menstrual cycle.

The above side effects are more pronounced when dosage is in excess. More red blood cells lead to viscous nature of the blood which can over time lead to clotting. This can bring about the danger of strokes and a general weakness within the circulatory system. It is more dangerous in athletes who are already prone or have plaque buildup in their cells.

Dramatic increase in appetite may not always be beneficial for everybody and especially those who are not used to heavier cycles. It can work for body builders who consume a lot of calories for mass building and need a stimulant like boldenone to boost appetite.

Dosage and Storage of boldenone undecylenate (boldenone prohormone):

The objective behind taking boldenone undecylenate or boldenone cypionate is to improve muscle mass and endurance. However, it is necessary to stick to the optimum dosage for this and that is in the range of 300-600mg per week. This has to be continued for a period of 12-14 weeks for the effects to show. The gains are steady and appear more so during the bulking cycles.

For women, the dosage is 50-150mg per week and you should take care not to exceed it though men may do so and get away with it. The recommended cycle of dosage is at least for 10-12 weeks by which time you should see results.



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