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Vaniqa is a cream when applied on the face, interferes with a chemical present in the hair follicles of the skin and the result is the hair growth in the areas where the cream is applied slows down.

Vaniqa is a cream which is used to reduce unwanted hair on the face in women. Vaniqa is not a facial hair removal cream and should not be mistaken to be a “cure” for unwanted facial hair. Eflornithine is a cream which will reduce unwanted hair in hirsute women and thus in turn improves their facial appearance.

You can buy Eflornithine online too and it can also be used for other purposes other than the list that is given in the medical guide. Vaniqa or Eflornithine is a skin care cream and should only be used for external purposes.

Vaniqa or Eflornithine is a skin care cream which reduces unwanted facial hair in women and improves her appearance. It is not a facial hair removal cream and should not be mistaken as a “cure” for unwanted facial hair. The doctor should be apprised of all the medicines that you are taking for other medical conditions before you start using Eflornithine.

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Benefits of using Vaniqa or Eflornithine:

Eflornithine should be used continuously to get the desired results. Facial hair reduces gradually by using this product continuously. Improvement is seen within 4-8 weeks of treatment, but it may take a longer time for some individuals. If the desired improvement is not seen after 6 months of continuous treatment, then it should be discontinued. Hair growth may return to its original level after about 8 weeks of stopping the treatment. Generic vaniqa is available at a lesser price than a branded one.

In case you have had an allergic reaction while using it in the past, do not use it again. Eflornithine is categorized C in FDA pregnancy. The meaning of this is that it is not established whether the eflornithine cream will harm the unborn baby. The fact whether eflornithine passes into the breast milk of nursing mothers is also not known. It is therefore advisable to talk to your doctor if you are pregnant or a nursing mother before using this application. Eflornithine should not be used by children who are less than 12 years. You can buy efornithine cream from the local chemist shop.

Action Mechanism of using Vaniqa or Eflornithine:

Vaniqa or Eflornithine acts by effectively blocking enzymes that are responsible for hair growth in the body. Once these enzymes are blocked, they are unable to stimulate hair growth and over consistent use of this cream, they are rendered totally ineffective.

Precautions while using Vaniqa or Eflornithine:

In the event of you missing a Vaniqa dose, skip the missed dose and apply the next scheduled dose as per your doctor’s instructions. Do not apply it twice or try to “make up” for the dose that you have missed. An overdose is not possible with this medication. Anyway, if you suspect that an overdose has taken place, contact your medical practitioner or nearest hospital for advice.

You should avoid getting this medication into your nose, mouth or eyes. If this happens, the affected area should be immediately washed with lots of water. In case Vaniqa or Eflornithine cream gets into your eyes, you have to rinse your eyes properly with plenty of water and then consult your doctor.

Before you start using Vaniqa, you have to apprise your doctor about the various medicines that you may be taking for other medical conditions. Your doctor will accordingly adjust the dosage of the medication and also monitor your treatment. At times, he may advise you not to use the application as it may cause some adverse reactions because of the medicines you are already taking.

Side effects of using Vaniqa or Eflornithine:

The side effects that may occur by applying Vaniqa cream (Eflornithine Cream) may be temporary rashes, redness, stinging or burning sensation especially if the cream is applied on the skin which is broken. In case of any irritation occurring, apply it only once a day. If the irritation and other side effects continue, stop applying the cream and consult your doctor.

Facial hair reduces only gradually. Hence even if improvement is not noticed immediately, do not discontinue using the cream. Reduction in facial hair can be seen within 4-8 weeks of applying the cream, but it may take more time in some cases. If there is no visible improvement in the condition after using the cream for 6 months, you should discontinue using the cream. Hair growth may return to its original pretreatment level in about 8 weeks after stopping the treatment.

The side effects of eflornithine topical (an important ingredient in Vaniqa cream) may be minor in nature and will not require any medical attention. These side effects go away on their own as your body gets adjusted to the medication. Also, your medical practitioner will be able to help you in preventing and reducing these side effects. But if any of the following side effects continue, consult your doctor. The common ones are acne and stinging or burning sensation in the skin. Other uncommon ones are bleeding skin, chapped lips, hair bumps, chronic acne and numbness. Generic Eflora is also available and is got at a cheaper rate.

Dosage and Administration of using Vaniqa or Eflornithine:

Vaniqa or Eflornithine should be applied exactly as per instructions given by your doctor. If you have difficulty in following the instructions, please consult a pharmacist or a nurse to explain it to you. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy vaniqa cream. Vaniqa or Eflornithine is not a hair remover (depilatory) cream and it does not permanently remove or “cure” facial hair which is not wanted. You can continue to use the method you are already using to remove facial hair.

Vaniqa or Eflornithine will only help in managing your condition by reducing facial hair after continuous use and this in turn will improve your looks. This medicine should only be used externally. You can buy vaniqa from your medical shop. The cream is to be applied 2 times daily, with a time gap of about 8 hours apart, or as per the directions given by your doctor.

Wash your hands properly before and also after every application. Firstly, remove unwanted facial hair that is already present using the usual technique you have been using to remove hair. Then wait for at least 5 minutes before you apply Vaniqa or Eflornithine. You have to apply a thin layer of cream in the affected and nearby areas of the face and chin and then gently rub it in thoroughly. There is no restriction on applying sunscreen and cosmetics. A few minutes wait is advised for the cream to be absorbed in the skin before applying them. The area should not be washed for at least 4 hours after you apply Vaniqa. This medicine should be stored at room temperature and kept away from moisture and heat. The medication should not be allowed to freeze.

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