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Pain is something that not all of us can bear. The threshold of pain bearing capacity may vary from person to person but there is no doubt that very few of us would like to keep testing that threshold unless you have a masochistic streak in you. Fortunately, modern xylocaine has a number of options to counter pain and reduce it. Numbing skin creams like lidocaine or xylocaine numbing ointment have been found to be very effective in lessening the sensation of pain.

The lidocaine ointment or the xylocaine tattoo numbing cream work as local anesthetic and since they are non invasive, they are being preferred by patients and doctors alike. They are affordable and you can even buy lidocaine cream online. They are creams that have the capability to even block pain sensations arising out of invasive medical surgeries, catheter insertions, needle punctures and breathing tubes. xylocaine is this ease of application and comprehensive numbing effect on the affected part that has made them unanimous choices for pain management.

People do take in pain killers orally as well. But since many of them have been known to have an adverse impact on the lining of the stomach and liver, the preference has shifted towards pain reducing creams and ointments. This is not to say that these xylocaine creams are totally harmless as they too get deep into the skin to produce the beneficial effect. But they are seen as relatively less harmful to the internal organs of the body, especially for somebody who needs to take pain killers on a regular basis.

Lidocaine is also available in the form of injections. xylocaine is given spinally to women suffering from labor pain so that the contractions do not cause much discomfort. buy Lidocaine is also administered to patients whose heartbeat rhythms are irregular and need stability. Irregular beating of the heart may lead to a massive heart attack if untreated.

People about to undergo dental procedures will find buy lidocaine most useful. Tooth extractions, root canal treatment and other procedures where some numbing is essential to prevent pain all call for administration of this wonder lidocaine medicine. Indeed, dentists would find it difficult to do their job in its absence.

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Action Mechanism of using Xylocaine Cream (Lidocaine):

Both xylocaine and buy lidocaine ointment have the ingredient lidocaine hydrochloride. Pain is experienced by a person when the pain receptors get stimulated at the nerve endings. This stimulation leads to sodium entering the nerve endings and that in turn causes electrical signals within the nerve. If the signals are strong enough, they pass through the nerve and right up to the brain. The brain interprets these signals as pain and that is what the person experiences.

Lidocaine acts by blocking this passage of pain signals along the nerves and xylocaine does this by stopping the entry of sodium at the nerve ending. This prevents any build up of signals and therefore there is no possibility of it travelling along the nerve pathways to the brain and to cause pain.

Precautions while using Xylocaine Cream (Lidocaine):

Before using lidocaine, either in ointment or in the injection form, you need to take some precautions :

Inform your doctor if you are suffering from any liver or heart related disease. If you are prone to allergic attacks or have a history of blood circulation problems, you need to be careful as well. If you have to be administered the lidocaine injection then your doctor will take into account certain signs and symptoms and quiz you on them. Do not hide anything from him and share any health related condition, query with him.

Do not self administer lidocaine auto-injector without your doctor’s permission and always use the cardiobeeper that is provided to you to keep track of your heart rate as well as rhythm. You can communicate the findings to your doctor on phone so that he can advise you accordingly. Women who are lactating should consult the doctor before opting for lidocaine. It is yet not known for sure whether lidocaine passes through and will affect the baby, so it is better not to take chances.

The xylocaine injection is administered through the needle that is placed into the vein and therefore cannot be managed by somebody all by themselves. You need to get xylocaine done by healthcare professionals like a nurse as other health parameters like blood pressure, levels of oxygen all need observation.

Do not drive or do activities that require you to be alert as the injection may induce drowsiness.

Side effects of using Xylocaine Cream (Lidocaine):

The usual ones are some redness of the skin around the area, spots on the skin or warmth of the area that has undergone application of lidocaine ointment. Some of the lesser known effects are bruising and itching. These can occur when you apply the ointment or xylocaine cream topically.

Injection side effects are mainly allergic reactions such as breathlessness, some swelling of the face, tongue and lips. The serious ones like increase in heartbeat rate, convulsions, anxiety, blurred vision and nausea require attention and you may have to stop using the medicine.

You can buy xylocaine cream online as well. Just make sure you are visiting authentic sites to make your purchase. These xylocaine can help you forget pain and are most useful when used properly and in moderation.

Dosage and Administration of using Xylocaine Cream (Lidocaine):

As a cream, xylocaine is a topical application and you only need to apply to cover the areas that require numbing. Consult your healthcare professional about how to go about it and do not be very liberal with its application. If you are applying inside the mouth, follow the procedure carefully to avoid any accidental swallowing of the medicine or biting of tongue due to the numbing effect. Do not chew or eat anything for at least an hour post application.

When it comes to lidocaine injection dosage, the initial dose is usually 1-1.5mg/kg and administered intravenously. xylocaine takes about 2-3 minutes for the injection to be done and if needed, more dosage of 0.5-0.75mg/kg may be administered over the next 10 minutes to ensure numbness and loss of sensation.

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