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The problem of acne is not a new one. Teenagers and adolescents have been suffering from this scourge of a condition and are always on the lookout for a solution that is affordable and long lasting. Their interest and desperation to look for a sustainable acne treatment option is not borne out of the need to only look good. While good looks and being conscious about it during the teens is natural for any boy or girl, today, teens are also more aware of health implications that acne can potentially bring.

They do not want acne to leave behind scars that look ugly. They want a clear skin. Many become introverted or stop attending social functions due to this acne scourge. They stop mixing with friends and that can be detrimental to their personality at such a young age. There is thus a need to identify an option that is not too expensive and yet workable. Generic accutane provides that option and has been found to be very effective for acne treatment.

The effectiveness of accutane treatment arises from the ingredient isotretinoin. This is one derivative of vitamin A and is very crucial in controlling the amount of sebaceous secretions released by the skin. Most of us are aware that it is due to these secretions that problems of acne, blackheads and other such skin conditions occur. The secretions along with the dust and grime that is encountered on a daily basis settles on the skin surface. When the body and skin does not get the right amount of hydration or diet coupled with lack of physical activity, the pores of the skin become clogged. Later on the particles lodged within these pores develop into acne and blackheads.

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Action Mechanism of using Generic Accutane (Isotretinoin):

The key therefore lies in controlling the amount of secretions and isotretinoin is able to do precisely that. It reduces the oily secretions that are released by the glands and helps in the renewal of the skin. The introduction of isotretinoin has been found to be very beneficial even for severe cases of nodular acne. People who have found other treatments to be of no effect have found isotretinoin as the ideal acne medicine.

Precautions while using Generic Accutane (Isotretinoin):

When you buy generic accutane, you also buy isotretinoin. However, before going for accutane treatment, you need to observe the following precautions:

  • Do not undergo accutane treatment if you are pregnant. Isotretinoin may cause problems to the child.
  • Since isotretinoin already has vitamin A, you need not take additional vitamin A supplements.
  • While you are on acne treatment, desist from donating your blood. Provide a gap of at least a month before and after accutane treatment.
  • Do not buy isotretinoin or buy accutane from unknown vendors. You c an buy this under the program iPledge and you only need to register for it. As long as you follow the birth control methods specified by them.
  • Try to avoid use of this medication if you are already allergic to parabens.
  • Inform your doctor if you know about any incidence of mental illness in your family, are suffering from high triglycerides levels or bone disorders.
  • Keep the doctor informed even if you are having problems eating food or experience asthmatic attacks.
  • Women should get a negative pregnancy report at least a month before starting off with accutane treatment
  • Do not go for isotretinoin treatment if you are engaging in unprotected sex.
  • Avoid sharing the medicine with anybody else
  • Take blood tests to just check if the medicine is not causing any aberrations in the blood cholesterol levels
  • Reject direct exposure to sunlight as your skin may become sensitive to UV rays.
  • Do not drive at night as vision may get a bit impaired during accutane treatment.

Side effects of using Generic Accutane (Isotretinoin):

The normal side effects are some difficulty in breathing, swelling of the tongue and parts of the face, skin peeling, dryness and these settle down after some time. But if you face some of the more serious side effects like insomnia, agitation in the mind, depression, blurred vision, pain in the stomach, rapid heartbeats, convulsions and stiffness in the joints, you need to check with your doctor before proceeding further with accutane treatment. You may also have to seek emergency help if the condition deteriorates.

As you would have seen, acne can be treated and you can buy medicines like generic accutane or isotretinoin easily. You can buy acutance online and when doing so, ensure you are only visiting authentic sites. Be aware of spurious sites and the products they sell. These products can cause damage to your skin. Do not get taken in or misled by attractive offers on pricing at these sites.

When undergoing acne treatment, make sure that you also follow a healthy lifestyle. Keep your skin hydrated by consuming lot of water and eating fruits and vegetables. Indulge in physical exercise and avoid greasy or fast food as much as possible.

Dosage and Administration of using Generic Accutane (Isotretinoin):

When you buy accutane online or at a physical drug store, remember to follow dosage guidelines or check with your doctor about it. Do not exceed dosage and have water to gulp down the capsule. Avoid chewing or sucking on the capsule and just swallow it down. You may also take generic accutane with milk or with food.

The dosage for severe acne or nodular acne is 1mg/kg per day and those suffering from even extreme acne may be prescribed 2mg/kg per day. The frequency as well as duration of the doses may be varied depending on individual cases. For those suffering from melanoma, they may need to take this along with interferon alpha as well. The combination will be suggested by the doctor. The pediatric dose is lower at 0.5mg/kg per day.

Do not discard usage just because your acne condition becomes worse to start with. You need to follow the course. Should you happen to miss a dose, take it as per the next schedule but do not try to take extra in order to make up for the missed one.

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