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It is important to note that eyelashes improve the overall look and appearance of your face and so it is important to flaunt your eyelashes and make it look attractive. Bimatoprost basically helps in increasing the length of your eyelids and eyelash. Check for Generic Latisse that is available in the market. You could buy Latisse from any of the online stores that sell these products. As compared to our normal hair, our eyelash hair is much lighter and with age it becomes very thin and the best way to protect is to opt for products like lash serum.

Eyelash enhancement is probably the last thing on our minds when we think of cosmetic spa treatments, but that’s not true for the coming generation. Personality and looks are about everything on our body and the same holds true for our eyelashes as well. There are hardly any major side effects. But if you are on some medication, make sure to spell it out to the doctor. Few medicines may cause allergic reactions when you are on the bimatoprost (Lash Serum) eye drops, so do not panic. If you are taking herbal eye medication or treatment, make sure to tell your eye doctor about the same.

Those of you who are using contact lenses will have to remove the lenses when using Latisse and wear your lenses after half an hour for the medication to work. This wonderfully designed eye treatment is ideal for those with weak or thin lashes and is available either at the counter of medical outlets or even a reputed medical spa. It can be applied by oneself either once or twice depending on the prescribed dosage. With regular application, you will see a good growth of your eyelashes. There have been reports that Generic Latisse does not really have any side effects and that is why many medical experts and professionals are prescribing these.

If you have enrolled for the eyelash enhancement at the medical spa, then you will have to actually get it approved by your doctor in the beginning. Within the first month of application, the eyelashes become fuller and thicker. Even after using Generic Latisse - Lash serum, you could still use your mascara and eye makeup, after you have wiped off the Generic Latisse .

This aesthetic eye treatment has really got a lot of popularity and many patients want to try out these as long as they are able to see results for themselves. Find out about where to buy Generic Latisse and how to use it from the experts. You are now on the road to a beautiful you and Bimatoprost is going to make this possible.

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Benefits of Using Generic Latisse (Lash Serum):

What exactly are the benefits of lash serum? Eye lash extensions and mascara may be used to improve the length of the eyelash, but these are temporary. The best and the safe way to increase the length of the eyelashes is to go in for bimatoprost ophthalmic solution which is also used for treating glaucoma related problems.

FDA has approved Generic Latisse and within two months of application, you will find that your eyelashes are growing. Bimatoprost is the generic name for Latisse and it is absolutely safe to use bimatoprost. Check with your eye doctor or family physician though before you opt for any of these eye applications.

Action Mechanism of Generic Latisse (Lash Serum):

Bimatoprost eye drops or Latisse Lash Growth serum basically helps in darkening of the eyelids and eyelashes. Your eyelashes will grow thicker, get darker and also grow in length. If you are using bimatoprost only in one eye, you will notice that the eyelash of that particular eye will be darker and longer. Bimatoprost is undoubtedly the best hypertensive agent that helps in reducing the IOP or intraocular pressure and is helpful in treating glaucoma. It basically helps in improving the aqueous flow which indirectly helps in the growth of the eyelash.

Precautions while using Generic Latisse (Lash Serum):

You may use the Bimatoprost or Generic Latisse once or twice daily depending on the instructions of the pharmacist. Make sure not to overdo the usage. Find out more details on where to buy Latisse. It is available online as well and if you wish to save money, place an online order. You may wish to go through reviews posted about the product. In case you still have doubts as regards the usage of Generic Latisse or to buy bimatoprost, speak to your doctor. Do not discontinue the bimatoprost eye drops as your eyelashes are not going to grow within a week of usage. You will have to give it at least two months time to see positive results.

When using any eye drops or eye treatment, make sure to wash your eyes well with water and soap. Use the dropper in the correct fashion.

Side effects Of Generic Latisse (Lash Growth Serum):

Though there are no major side effects, initially one may experience eye irritation or redness of the eyes that may disappear within few days. But if the problem persists you may speak to your doctor and if it aggravates may discontinue the use of Generic Latisse. The patient may experience redness of the eye, eye swelling and watering of the eyes, but these are nothing to bother about. It may happen that after using Bimatoprost, you may experience pink eyes or eyelid getting swollen. Few of them may have sensitivity towards light.

Dosage of using Generic Latisse (Lash Serum):

Use Bimatoprost ophthalmic solutions twice daily and see results for yourself. Make sure to store it in a safe place away from direct sunlight as it may harm the ingredients present in the generic latisse. Bimatoprost was previously used for treating eye diseases like glaucoma but people who used it found that their eyelash growth was really good and so it is now making rounds of cosmetic stores as well. Gone are the days when Latisse was used as an ophthalmic solution. With recent discoveries, Generic latisse is also a cosmetic thing that helps in getting longer and fuller eyelashes. It is said that even the wrinkles around the eyes disappear with continued use of Generic Latisse. Also double check with your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist before you opt for Bimatoprost treatment as it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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