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The condition of glaucoma is a serious one and not many among us know the seriousness. It can lead to irreversible blindness and therefore it is essential that early signs of ocular hypertension are detected. Upon detection, you can then use eyes drops to alleviate the condition of glaucoma.

How is ocular hypertension caused or how is glaucoma brought about?

The eyes produce a fluid called aqueous humor. When conditions are normal, this fluid is able to drain out through the ducts within the eyes. But when the ducts are blocked and drainage becomes difficult, this fluid begins to accumulate and that causes the ocular hypertension to go up.

If conditions of glaucoma have to be reversed or eliminated, it is necessary to bring down the pressure within the eyes. That can be done only when the fluid gets drained out and one of the medicines or best eye drop that will help you achieve that is generic xalatan (Latanoprost). This drug contains latanoprost.

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Action Mechanism of using Generic Xalatan (Latanoprost):

The generic for xalatan medicine works by reducing the pressure in the eyes. This is accomplished by effective draining of the fluid from within the eyes. The latanoprost which is present in cheap generic xalatan (Latanoprost) acts quickly. It is a chemical derivative of the prostaglandin F2 alpha.

You can ease the pressure in the eyes either by lessening the amount of aqueous humor created or by stimulating better drainage of the fluid. The idea is to keep the area within the eyes free of any encumbrance. By reducing the amount of aqueous humor or the fluid, the area around the eyes do not get filled up with the fluid and even if the drainage is not as it should be, it does not cause additional pressure. That relieves the stress and the person does not suffer from any of the glaucoma conditions of open angle or angle closure glaucoma. This is one line of treatment and can be experienced when you use eye drops like alphagan.

On the other hand, when you are able to expedite the draining of the accumulated fluid from the eyes, you can reduce the pressure significantly as well. The latanoprost binds to the prostaglandin receptor to make sure that the flow of aqueous humor out of the eyes takes place without hindrance. Prostaglandins are the chemicals that facilitate the draining of fluid from the eyes and when you buy xalatan online, you get the benefit of the latanoprost in it. Latanoprost is the medicinal constituent that the FDA approved in 1996 and has since been used by many to get relief from conditions of glaucoma.

Precautions while using Generic Xalatan (Latanoprost):

It is not recommended to use generic xalatan (Latanoprost) if you are already sporting contact lenses. Latanoprost has preservatives that may lead to the discoloration of the lenses. It is therefore practical to remove your contact lenses, wait for about 15 minutes and only then put xalatan.

There are other drugs that may affect or interact with generic xalatan (Latanoprost) and you need to keep your doctor posted about the medicines you are already taking. Drugs for easing insomnia, curing depression or any other medication you are using for your eyes can all be contraindicated and have to be discontinued prior to using xalatan.

Side effects of using Generic Xalatan (Latanoprost):

Seek emergency help if you find yourself becoming allergic to it. The typical signs are difficulty in taking breath, some swelling of the tongue, lips and severe itching as well as swelling of the areas around the eyes. You may also experience some oozing from the eyes and may find it difficult to face light.

The usual symptoms or side effects of Latanoprost are much milder and include stuffy nose, discomfort in the eyes, watery eyes, a feeling of something stuck in the eyes and a stinging sensation once the drops are administered. These though are not serious and you will get used to it over time.

The best aspect is that conditions of glaucoma can be cured effectively today with the help of strong and effective medication like Latanoprost. You can buy latanoprost online as well but take care to purchase only from reputed sites. Spurious medication can spoil your eyes and the damage may be irreversible. Do not hunt for bargain offers when it comes to eye drops as your eyes are precious and you need to be prepared to pay a premium for good medication.

Dosage of using Generic Xalatan (Latanoprost):

While using the eye dropper, take care that the tip does not touch the eye lids or your fingers. Tilt your head back and gently pry open the lower eyelid to make space for the dropper to deposit the eye drops. Use drops as per the instructions and massage the corners of the eyes to ensure that the drops do not spill out of the eyes.

Inform your doctor if you are prone to any allergies. If you already have some swelling within the eye or any infection, wait for it to subside before starting with cheap generic xalatan (Latanoprost). Be aware that xalatan can or may cause color change of your eyelids as well as the lashes. It may also lead to increase in the eyelash thickness and though these changes are gradual, you must know about the possibility. The color changes may not be reversible even after the treatment has ended and therefore be ready for subtle changes in color after some years of using Latanoprost.

If you see any discoloration in the eye drops, discontinue usage. Keep it away from heat and sources of dampness. Children in particular need to be kept away from such eye drops. Once you have opened the medicine, use it within a 6 week period or else discard it totally. If you miss a dose, wait for the next scheduled time and do not try to compensate by putting more drops.

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