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The problem of ocular hypertension or open angle glaucoma is being faced by many people due to the pressures of modern day life and too much stress. Irregular life style habits and lack of appropriate physical activity have also contributed to various diseases like hypertension, diabetes and even glaucoma among people of all ages today.

The condition of glaucoma and the need to treat it urgently is of particular interest to many who are aware of its dangers. After all, glaucoma can cause permanent blindness to the individual if not treated on time. It has been one of the leading causes of blindness throughout the world and the blindness is such that it is irreversible.

The fact that the individual suffering from glaucoma does not experience symptoms that warn him about it is all the more worrying. That has led to many being unaware of this condition and they have had to pay the price for it. Glaucoma can be detected only by checking out the pressure within the eye and ocular hypertension as well as open angle glaucoma is often not detected till it is too late.

Ocular hypertension results due to the formation of fluid in the eye. The fluid gets accumulated when the drainage ducts or channels become blocked and there is no way for the fluid to get discharged. Open angle glaucoma is of different types and can become a chronic one to treat. It takes time to cure it. Angle-closure glaucoma too is of a chronic nature but may occur suddenly and requires an aggressive line of treatment making use of eyes drops and drugs like generic alphagan.

The damage caused by either types of glaucoma is irreversible and therefore it is essential that immediate steps are taken to arrest the condition. When you buy brimonidine, you can rest assured it is one of the best eye drop you can have to treat ocular hypertension. There are branded and generic eye drops available. You can also buy generic alphagan online.

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How To Detect Open Angle Glaucoma?

Fortunately, the tests required to identify both open angle glaucoma as well as angle closure glaucoma are not painful or very expensive. The key is to carry out those tests on time so that quick action can be taken and any decline in the healthy condition of the eyes can be arrested at the earliest. These tests will tell you the optic nerve status as well as the intraocular pressure within the eyes. The status of the drainage ducts as well as any accumulation of fluid can also be quickly determined through these tests.

Glaucoma can be treated with eye drops containing the compound brimonidine tartrate. When you buy generic alphagan, you can see that it contains brimonidine tartrate eye drops which are very useful in containing and arresting the development of open angle glaucoma. People also try out laser treatment and surgeries to treat glaucoma. Some can afford it while others cannot and for them generic alphagan is one good option to ensure they do not go blind.

Action Mechanism of using Generic Alphagan (Brimonidine Tartrate):

As mentioned above, it is the accumulation of fluid within the eyes that lead to the increase in pressure. The fluid that is produced is called aqueous humor and this is created in the eye. When this fluid is unable to get an outlet and drain off, it accumulates and increases the pressure within the eyes. Brimonidine acts by reducing the production of aqueous humor so that there is no possibility of it accumulating. This in turn reduces any pressure within the eyes and the person experiences lesser strain on the eyes and their working. When you buy brimonidine, you get the benefit of the alpha type 2 receptors getting stimulated within the eyes. They then work selectively within the eyes to reduce the production of aqueous humor. generic alphagan was approved by the FDA way back in 196 and has been used by many to get relief from ocular hypertension.

Precautions while using Generic Alphagan (Brimonidine Tartrate):

Branded as well as generic alphagan should not be used by children less than 2 years of age. Inform your doctor about any existing heart condition or blood clot problems you may be suffering from. If you are prone to allergy, it is best to check with your doctor before using the eye drops. If you are expecting or are lactating already, consult your doctor before using generic alphagan.

You should check with your doctor before using generic alphagan also if you are taking sleeping pills, muscle relaxants and anti depressants.

Generic Alphagan P should not be given to a child younger than 2 years old.

Side effects of using Generic Alphagan (Brimonidine Tartrate):

The only side effects possible are some allergic reactions like difficulty in breathing, swelling of the lips, tongue and face and increased burning sensation around the eyes or within them. If these persist, you need to stop using generic alphagan and contact your doctor.

Some common effects are a feeling of tiredness, blurred vision and a mild stinging sensation upon administration. These are not serious and can be tolerated.

Dosage of using Generic Alphagan (Brimonidine Tartrate):

Generic Alphagan need to be used as per the instructions on the label or pamphlet. Do not in your enthusiasm use more than necessary. Just tilt the head back and pull your lower eyelid down so that you are able to squeeze out the drops into the eye. Keep the eyes closed for a couple of minutes and do not blink or squint even if you feel some discomfort. Gently massage the corner of the eyes so that the drops remain inside the eyes and do not drain out. It is essential not to touch the tip of the eyedropper to your eye or touch it with your fingers.

Keep the eye drops away from any dampness or heat. Ensure it is out of sight and reach of children. If you happen to miss putting generic alphagan, do not panic. If there is yet time for the next dose, you can put generic alphagan immediately and if not, just wait for the next dose and do not try to compensate for the missed one by putting more drops. In case you overdose, do not worry. The eye drops are not dangerous and you only need to call the help line or contact your doctor.

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